About AquaBike



VACUACTIVUS is a supplier and producer of innovative fitness & spa equipment. Our latest technological solutions allow to increase the efficiency of the trainings and get body shape.


Our aquatic fitness equipment is combination of treadmill or exercise bike with new aqua fitness technologies such us water resistance exercises, hydro massage and clor therapy benefits. Using new achievements in fitness inductry our team created products which are very innovative and got many functions inside, therefore we offer best aquatic fitness equipment for individual aqua spinning on current market.

Our manufacturing department is team of professionals which have huge experience to create water exercise bikes and other cellulite reduction equipment


Our line of commercial fitness equipment for aqua cycling exercises has modern futuristic look which fulfil the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our sales team would be pleased to share our experience in designing and creating new aqua fitness studios. We offer assembly, installation and full service for our water exercise equipment.

We can say it for sure that our aquabikes have best technological solutions and the highest quality.


MEDALS & AWARDS on fitness trade shows

VacuActiv company has been awarded a gold medal at the Poznan International Fair for Innovative Solutions and Top Quality of produced commercial fitness equipment.

The technical excellence for aquatic fitness equipment appreciated  by our clients, but our innovative fitness & spa products were nominated on many internetional Beauty and Fitness fairs.  
Our Company, as the only one supplier in the aqua fitness industry, has been awarded QUALITY OF THE YEAR and PRODUCT OF THE YEAR titles on International Fitness trade show in Poznan .

Our team feels honor to have been awarded Quality of the Year and Product of the year. This is a confirmation AquaBike from VACUACTIVUS is a trustworthy business partner and  world supplier of aqautic fitness equipment. Our technical team pays utmost attention to reach high standards and quality for aquatic fitness products.

Innovaive commercial fitness and SPA equipment

AquaBike is best solution for any fitness studio, gym, aqua park, aquatic center, pool, spa and fitness facility