Hydrobike is the idea of ​​combining the advantages of physical training in the individual water capsule and the benefits of a targeted hydromassage and color therapy in one solution.
Originally the project aimed to create an aquatic fitness equipment for rehabilitation. We found way how get great muscle gain, reach body shape and remove cellulite.


Latest Aqua Fitness Technology


The water tank in individual capsule is made from high quality fiber glass

Watertight door made from an unbreakable glass

The saddle of AquaBike made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, fully adjustable. Available silicone saddle for more convinient aqua spinning exercise under water.

Ajustable the loading resistance for underwater pedaling. It offers strong support to meet the requirements of the users.

AquaBike's pedals made from stainless steel and foam, which get suitable for use during water aerobic exercises.

Additional Information

Hydrobike was entirely made in our own manufacturing department from components made in Europe and USA and designed by industry leaders.


  Applied electronic parts and hydromassage components are the result of 20 years experience in manufacturing professional hot tubs.   Hydrobike can work with thermal water or sea water without the risk of damage to the aqua fitness equipment.

EFFECTS exercise on HydroBike


The combination of four basic elements

The effect of using the bicycle with adjustable resistance is body shaping by turning fat into muscle.

AquaBike Hydrobike exercises deliveries amazing results in the fighting against cellulite.

16 powerful hydromassage jets aimed at sensitive areas of body and provide lymphatic drainage effect, which activates lymphatic system and effectively eliminate the effect of "orange skin".

Without load on the joints, AquaBike is delivering results for people of any ages. AquaBike HydroBike is aquatic fitness equipment for people, who looking for fast reach body shape and weigh loss and for who want get relaxation effects during workout.

Exercise session improves lymph circulation and have drainage effect on adipose tissue. AquaBike HydroBike is best cellulite reduction equipment.

Ozone released during the treatment has similar effect to skin micro peeling.


Using the Aquabike in conjunction with hydrostatic
water resistance
 leads to measurable results
without the need of intense physical training.


Recommended water temperature:
This temperature creates the perfect conditions for delicate and relaxing exercises.


Hydrobike is equipped with four chromotherapy lamps. The variability of environmental lighting influences the process of relaxation ans skin rejuvenation

The ozone in water turns into oxygen helps removing dead skin cells. This effect supports the natural process of skin peeling.

The Hydrobike treatment
promotes effective relaxation and has positive effect on skin elasticity.

Specification of HydroBike



Hydrobike may contain from 490 to 590 liters of water. The exchange of water after each session is mandatory.



Power consumption is 3.5-8 kW for 220V and 49A for 110V



Recommended connection for hot and cold water: ¾ inch.



Minimum size for the drain: 40mm.


Hydrobike does not require the presence of a professional operatorOne trained person can simultaneously support multiple devices.
Hydrobike has been carefully designed to minimize its size, while keeping optimal space for exercise.
Tub width (without removable panels) is 79 cm. This means that the tub fits into any room, avoiding the cost of remodeling.
Wymiary hydrobike