Increasing popularity of water therapy combined with benefits of massage, water relaxation and cycling training which does not affect your joints. Our solution hydroshape allow to enjoy both benefits of hydro massage and getting rid of extra pounds.

Connection of 4 elements in one capsule
  •   bike
  •   water
  •   hydromassage
  •   ozone

The combination of four basic elements

Using bike with connection of hydrostatic resistance of water, leads to best results without need of heavy physical training.
Hydro Shape is combining advantages of training in water with benefits of targeted hydro massage in one machine.
Set up hydroshape capsule according to your needs. Choose suitable functions for device.
Our experience team will help you with choosing the best configuration, for your needs and for the best results for you or for your fitness club.


Exercise on Hydroshape lead to fast and good results in fight with cellulite.


14-16 jets for hydro massage, directed to sensitive areas, effectively eliminate the effect of “orange skin”. All of this thanks to drainage which is activating lymphatic system. Effect of using the bike, with intensified resistance, is shaping body and changing fat into muscles.


Hydroshape may contain from 390 to 490 liters of water. The exchange of water after each session is mandatory.


Warning - the greater number of jets in the device reduces the pressure and weaker effects!!! Our many years of experience in the industry resulted with most effective in action devices - as confirmed by the tests.


Hydro Shape brings results for people in all age.
Person who is seeking for aesthetic changes or
person who is searching for relax during
physical training. They all will find it in


Exercises during session improve
lymph circulation and have drain effect
on fat tissue.

Ozone released during treatment
has effect similar to
micro pealing on skin
thanks to oxygen production.